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The Art of the Pivot



(especially in a business context) completely change the way in which one does something

Change is hard.

We grow comfortable in our circumstances, even when they aren’t ideal. It’s difficult to change those circumstances and try something you’ve never tried before. It’s even more difficult to break the old habits and routines that have kept you stagnant for so long.

But you know what’s even harder than change?

Spending years of your life and investing your dollars, energy, and effort into something that’s not working for you.

I know how hard it can be to face the fact that things aren’t going according to plan. Despite our best effort, life doesn’t always happen the way we think it should. Maybe that business or that marriage or that career field was your dream, but what do you do when those dreams no longer feed your soul the way you think they should? Or what happens when you achieve the goals you set for yourself and you have everything you wanted but you’re still not satisfied?

You pivot.

A pivot is a change in direction. It’s not a slight adjustment or tweak. The word suggests an about-face, a switch-up in a way that somehow changes your circumstances. Usually, a pivot is a move in a direction that better fits the needs of where you are at the moment. Maybe you want more money or more time with your kids. Maybe you want more flexibility or more peace of mind. A pivot is a way to make whatever changes you need to move your life in the direction you want it to go.

Nobody is watching you read this (I hope) so you can be honest- Are you happy with the direction of your life at this moment? Do you truly feel satisfied with the life you’ve created for yourself? Do you feel peace and contentment with where you are? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it might be time for a pivot.

How, though, does one change direction in life?

There’s an art to the pivot. I feel like I might’ve mastered it at this point- I am the queen of changing directions- and I’d love to share what I’ve learned about how this works.

Decide what success looks like TO YOU.

The definition of success will vary depending on who you ask because everybody has a different definition of success. What would you need in your life right now to call yourself successful? Is it more time? More money? Better health? Closer friendships? A better relationship with God? As you decide on your pivot, choose to move toward your definition of success, whatever that might be. If you take the risk to make a change, it should be worth it- it should move you closer to the success and joy you imagine and define for yourself.

Adjust your mindset.

Remember when you were a kid and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Holding on to these ideas of what you should be or should have been will make you resistant to the idea of what you could be. Adjust your mindset to embrace the possibility of a new destination at the end of a new journey. Let go of what could have been to embrace what could be if only you had the courage to change directions.

Make a plan.

Like anything else, a pivot requires a plan. Changing your life has to be intentional and carefully thought out, and you should focus on what is the most important to you. If making more money is the goal, your plan should be centered around generating more income. If better health is your goal, your plan should be focused on lifestyle changes that will improve your health. Very few good things happen haphazardly. Before you pivot, plan.

Find your people.

Everything that grows requires nurture- especially people. If you’re planning to pivot, make sure you are surrounded by people who love you enough to be honest with you and hold you accountable, and who will support you as you pivot. You need people around you who will believe in you when you can’t believe in yourself. These people will cheer you on, give you constructive criticism, and hold your hand as you change your life. A good pivot requires good people.

Do it afraid. This is the most important piece of advice I can offer you. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing the thing you are afraid of while you are afraid of it. The first thing I told you in this blog is that change is hard. Almost everything in life that's hard is scary. Almost everything worth doing in life is hard. Being afraid is inevitable, so don't let fear stop you. If your life needs a pivot, pivot. Even if you're scared.

You deserve to live the best possible version of your life, sis. You should absolutely have the desires of your heart. You should live a life that you are excited to wake up to each morning, and you can. But that might require you to first face some hard truths. If you're not living the life you want to live, consider executing the art of the pivot. Change directions. Change your habits. Change your life.

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Jul 14, 2023

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Jul 13, 2023

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