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Eta Eta Lambda is a sisterhood of driven and ambitious women who strive to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Joining means gaining access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals who are committed to helping you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

As a member of Eta Eta Lambda you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and activities, from business development workshops to community service projects. Our members are passionate about making a difference and are always looking for new ways to give back and make an impact.

In addition to personal and professional development opportunities, Eta Eta Lambda offers a fun and engaging social atmosphere. From sisterhood events, social and formal gatherings, to family inclusive events, there is never a dull moment when you're a part of our community.

Whether you're looking for someone to hold you accountable, a shoulder to lean on during tough times, or just someone to share a laugh with, you'll find it all within our sisterhood.
So if you're ready to join a community of empowered leaders and passionate women, we invite you to consider Eta Eta Lambda.

Nothing catapults you into greatness quicker than a solid tribe!

And you've found yours.

Sisterhood is Clutch!



Eta Eta Lambda was created to serve as a safe space for womenpreneurs to share, learn and fellowship with each other

Lasting connections, genuine relationships, REAL sisterhood!

As a coalition of dope women bosses with the common interest of leading, inspiring & amplifying each other, we focus on the personal and brand growth of women with hectic lives

Through networking, collaborating and sharing resources we will prove that together we go further

"Once women find sisterhood,

there's nothing stronger"

Zoe Kravitz


Join the Sisterhood

Interested in becoming a member?

Please email your interest!


ara Renada whiting-Myers
Haus of Dreams

Eta Eta Lambda Society has been pivotal to the growth and success of Haus of Dreams. In this tribe of Woman Entrepreneurs, there is invaluable talent, expertise, and competency in an array of various fields. Genuine connections, collaborations and most importantly a safe space to thrive personally and professionally.


Sheena Palmer
S Cubed Productions

Eta Eta Lambda is a home for womenpreneaurs like me! I have never felt as encouraged and amplified in motherhood and business as I have been with my society sisters. We understand our ups and downs are a result of a different kind of dream and we have the grit to get the job done in excellence. We operate in excellence to inspire more women to step out on the beautiful gifts they have the help nurture one to the other. And that Lift as We Climb motto is a true statement for us all at Eta Eta Lambda. Lia, our fearless founder, has truly poured her heart and soul into an organization that will continue to touch the hearts and minds of women in business to the point that we are fearless too! 💜🖤💛


Alesia B.
Lisa's Plate

Working with Her Hectic Life has given me the tools and confidence I needed to embark on my journey as a Mompreneur. Eta Eta Lambda has given me the support and accountability I needed to build my confidence and start my journey!!!

IMG_1CD1E88313DA-1 2_edited.jpg

Leann Taylor
EV Suites

Eta Eta Lambda has truly left an indelible mark on my life, surpassing all expectations. Initially drawn by the prospect of meeting like-minded women and expanding my client base, my journey with Eta Eta Lambda has evolved into something far beyond. I've cultivated invaluable bonds with sisters/siblings, forged lasting friendships, found invaluable business allies, and discovered a supportive tribe to lean on during challenging times. Through this experience, I've emerged as a more confident leader, fearlessly exploring my creative potential without inhibition. ΗΗΛ served as the catalyst that propelled me forward, and here I am, thriving in every aspect of the game!

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